Why do we release PsyKey?

Project “PsyShrooms” was abandoned by the original DEVs at the end of 2021. One of the community members took it over. Got access to all the social media and wallets. Wallets were replaced by non-compromised wallets. To make this project function as it always should, we are releasing a new NFT that will connect with the original PsyShrooms by expanding its Utility. Also, part of the funds from the mint will be used to build staking for the holders of both PsyKeys and PsyShrooms.

PsyKey Q&A

Q. Minting When?
A. June, 29th 2022.

Q. How Many PsyKeys will be released?
A. A total supply is 666 PsyKeys.
OG Community – 50x PsyKeys.
Project’s Treasury – 50x PsyKeys.
Whitelist Mint – 566x PsyKeys.
Public Sale – Unclaimed WL.

Q. What is the cost of Minting PsyKey?
A. Whitelist Mint – 2.5 SOL.
Mint cost does not include minting fees (about 0.012~0.015 SOL).

Q. What is the money going to be used for?
A. First thing on our list is Tokenomics and Staking for all our NFTs.
Next on our list is a charity donation to one of the organizations supporting Mental Health.
We will also launch a Merchandise Store that will be available to our holders. We want to integrate the store with our Token.
We will hire artists who will help us release new sets of NFTs supporting minorities, and also let the community utilize their PsyKey and PsyShrooms perks.
We also have plans to build In Real Life Utility that will bring another income stream for Holders, Charity, and the Project.