Play PsyShrooms to Earn $KIN

To bring more utility to our community you can use your PsyShrooms to play Kreechures Game and earn $KIN as a reward!

You can play
with your PsyShrooms Now!

To do that, own at least 1 PsyShroom NFT (Available at: MagicEden and SolanArt).

You will also need a KreePass for 1000 $KIN. At the time I post it, it was ~ 0.00041 Sol (4c). KreePass will enable the ability to earn KIN in the Kreechures game.

Head over to Raydium to buy 1000 $KIN:
Then head to to purchase your KreePass!

Finally, create an account on
Head over to Settings ⚙, In Settings Connect a wallet with PsyShtooms.

KreePass lasts one week, but you can buy as many as you want and the expiration date will be automatically extended. Be sure to renew it on time, otherwise, you will stop earning $KIN for playing.

Currently the game is still in development so right now you will get paid by leveling your characters.

Be sure to use all your energy every day to get your daily bonus.
It’s best to have not more than 10 PsyShrooms on a single account due to the daily energy cap. If you have more PsyShrooms it would be recommended to make more accounts and get them a new KreePass. That way you will maximize your profits.


About Kreepass:
Full list of Kliques: