I joined the PsyShrooms project a few days before mint, on Nov 23rd, 2021. but it seems much longer. Because of my high engagement with the project and will to help others, I was able to take this project from the original devs, who almost rugged it. It’s been over 2 months of everyday work for me, to take it over from them completely, and I finally did it! I took it over and saved it! We are listed everywhere we wanted.

I was able to get access to everything. The discord server, Twitter, email, marketplaces accounts, community and charity wallets, the domain, the website, the files with the art, and the script used to generate the whole collection. I was spending 16 hours a day just to get everyone informed and to keep this process going. The developer I had contact with was helpful but the whole process was delayed many times. Initially, I was supposed to take the project over by the end of 2021. In the end, an agreement was made on Jan 6th.

I did not know the people running this project. I only had contact with one of the original team members on discord. We only had a single call and the rest of the agreements were made in Discord DMs.

Out of 3000 people, I was the one who decided to save it. Why? I loved the project, the community, the art, and I didn’t wanted to let original devs just grab the money and leave.

After I joined, I started helping out in the chat, got moderator really fast. Then offered help with social media. Got access to Twitter. Started making content for them, and then when mint didn’t sell out they wanted to get out, but one of them said to me – I would like you to run this for us, I asked why?

He was making excuses that he has no time for it.

I tried to explain that it should be quite easy, the project is minted and now it’s just delivering what they promised, but nothing could change his mind.

I said if they want to dip, I want everything, the whole project! I honestly wasn’t planning to run the NFT project, definitely not yet, but decided to do it for people who minted their NFT.

He spoke with his team, from what he was saying it was a team of 5 people including him. They were trying to make some conditions but I hold my line – I don’t care, I want the whole project with wallets and everything. They agreed but, were delaying the whole process by a lot.

They wanted to give me some % of the royalties and keep the wallets, but I said no! Finally, they agreed, to everything I asked from the beginning of that journey, and yesterday (Jan 6 2022) we signed the agreement. I got the key to the first wallet around 1 am UTC.

Many said it can’t be done, but I actually did it. Every day someone comes in and says it’s unusual to experience something like this.

I did it for this community. For people who believed in this project! I don’t care about anything else. I’m good you know, and now I’m happy! We did it! We, because I wasn’t here alone. There’s a community behind this project, and since I’m part of it, this project is now run by its community members and This is FIRE!

Estimyth | Konrad B.