Benefits and Utility

Although our core mission is to help organizations supporting Mental Health and substance abuse treatment there is a series of benefits to all holders of our collections.

  1. PsyShrooms Holders and OGs* will be eligible for Discounts and Exclusive Giveaways.
  2. PsyShrooms Holders and OGs* will have presale and preorder access to Merchandise Shop.
  3. PsyShrooms Holders get a 10% discount on whitelisted mints.
  4. Key Holders will have presale access to future NFT Collections.
  5. Key Holders get a 20% discount on whitelisted mint.
    • If PsyKey Holder at the same time holds the PsyShrooms NFT they will get a 30% total discount on whitelisted mint.
    • You will be able to stack discounts from PsyKey and PsyShrooms collections until you have 1 PsyKey + 9 PsyShrooms. That setup will give you 70% Discount on the next paid Mint.
  6. Key Holders under certain conditions will be eligible to Free-Mints and Airdrops when possible.
  7. All Holders become ShroomiesDAO members after completing the Holder verification in our Communities Discord server.
  8. ShroomiesDAO members govern the direction of the PsyShrooms project.
  9. ShroomiesDAO members govern the PsyShrooms project by voting on the Charity Organizations we will donate to.
  10. ShroomiesDAO governance will expand over time.