Author: estimyth

  • Brainstorming

    It’s been over a week since my last post here which is a great moment to talk about what is happening with this project. First of all, we probably all agree that the market is terrible right now.Having any sales right now is nearly impossible which is bad for the core of this project which […]

  • Benefits and Utility

    Although our core mission is to help organizations supporting Mental Health and substance abuse treatment there is a series of benefits to all holders of our collections. PsyShrooms Holders and OGs* will be eligible for Discounts and Exclusive Giveaways. PsyShrooms Holders and OGs* will have presale and preorder access to Merchandise Shop. PsyShrooms Holders get […]

  • PsyKey

    Why do we release PsyKey? Project “PsyShrooms” was abandoned by the original DEVs at the end of 2021. One of the community members took it over. Got access to all the social media and wallets. Wallets were replaced by non-compromised wallets. To make this project function as it always should, we are releasing a new […]

  • Play PsyShrooms to Earn $KIN

    To bring more utility to our community you can use your PsyShrooms to play Kreechures Game and earn $KIN as a reward!

  • Join Community

    Visit our social media and join our amazing Discord community! Discord Twitter Instagram

  • Charily Support

    A Half! 50% of the royalties from the PsyShrooms collection resale are automatically directed through the smart contract to the charity wallet. By the vote of our DAO, funds from this wallet are then transferred to the organizations supporting mental health and substance addiction treatment.Our DAO may also decide to support other organizations, for example, […]

  • PsyShrooms


    PsyShrooms is an NFT collection consisting of 1839 unique algorithmically generated mushrooms on the Solana ecosystem. Our mission is to support Mental Health & Substance Addiction Treatment. Our team constantly works on adding utility to our Project. You can buy PsyShrooms NFT on: Magic Eden Solanart PsyShrooms ranking and Rarity table: Moonrank