• Brainstorming

    It’s been over a week since my last post here which is a great moment to talk about what is happening with this project.

    First of all, we probably all agree that the market is terrible right now.
    Having any sales right now is nearly impossible which is bad for the core of this project which is charity donations because we still have no income for donations. That is why Celia, Jarrod and I are brainstorming about the future of our two collections. How to make things work for everyone.

    We’re discussing new utilities, mission, vision, goals, and benefits.
    These are all different aspects that require time and it looks like we are leaning more towards building a legit business plan for a web 3 organization which wasn’t the case. Previously, we wanted to continue what was started by the initial group of developers but it wasn’t working.

    We need to create a strong foundation for this project.
    The first roadmap for this project was to create the collection, list it on the marketplaces, and then let DAO vote on charity donations once every month. That was the plan from the beginning but since then everything changed in the NFT space.

    Over to course of 8 months, I think I proved myself to not have any unrealistic financial goals and not be money hungry, but at the same time, I also want all the holders to have the ability to trade our NFTs and make a profit from holding them as well as flipping.

    I strongly believe we’re making progress and hopefully, we will be able to introduce you to a new PsyShrooms organization in the following weeks.

    Current objectives are:
    Give you weekly/biweekly updates
    Continue building a new business plan with a new mission, vision, utilities, goals, and benefits
    Expand the content to new areas that were not explored by most NFT projects before
    Continue building an audience on social media
    Start a newsletter